Spotted on Ebay

very cool womens vintage beaver tail on ebay


LogJam Weekend

Weekend was great. Seems like ages ago now. Old school LBI get-together. Thanks again to all the sponsors. Paddle Pillow,Tyler Surfboards, Seafolk, Salty Merchants, HUKU, Shane Gilmore, Brian Miller Congrats to the finalists Thanks to Shane Gilmore for the trophy


LBI first annual Log Jam Kerry - May Bank holiday 2018. LBI Log Jam Rules are simple, as per Log Jams held all over the Globe. Logging Equipment 9ft+ single fin surfboards.. Traditional style, vintage equipment encouraged. Strictly no beaver bait or pecker poles. Loggers This is an invitational event, limited to members of LBI …

Back on Board

Facebook pretty much killed off the old LBI forum as it was in its heyday. So lets try a reboot. Following the successful run of the C&S tshirts and the good vibes attached to that and the recent ISA celebrations, not to mention a return to the old LAhinch longboard event vibe, the time feels …