LogJam 2019



Rules are simple, as per Log Jams held all over the Globe.

Logging Equipment
Strictly no beaver bait or pecker poles.The choice of board design should be traditional style surfboards, surfboards made prior to 1968. We’re not going to actually weigh surfboards for traditionally glassed or get out the measuring tape, or feel the rails for hard edges. We expect competitors to adhere to this rule on good sportsmanship


This is an invitational event, limited to members of LBI who have been actively contributing to the longboard ireland community. There will be alternate and wild card spots. Further info to come

There is no entrance fee, no ISA requirement, no insurance, just a get together of like-minded friends meeting to catch a few slides. This event is all about fun. Hanging out, checking out boards.

As Skip Engblom once said “style is everything”

Loggers will be “scored” on style, power, grace, and creativity.

Think nose rides, cutbacks, dropknee turns, stalls, toobs

Interferences will not be called. At the same time, burning a surfer to stop them scoring is a total no no. Shared waves in the hotdogger spirit will be rewarded and is a way to get a higher score. For example, if two surfers perform a go behind, an impromptu tandem, perform matching in unison maneuvers, the two surfers have the chance to score higher than going solo.
Above all this is a fun event, basically a group of friends getting together for a bit of old school logging fun .

This is an invitational but Wild card and alternate entries will be excepted – pm here or on longboardireland Facebook page or on original forum on longboardireland.com

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