LBI first annual Log Jam

Kerry – May Bank holiday 2018.


LBI Log Jam

Rules are simple, as per Log Jams held all over the Globe.

Logging Equipment
9ft+ single fin surfboards..
Traditional style, vintage equipment encouraged. Strictly no beaver bait or pecker poles.


This is an invitational event, limited to members of LBI who have been actively contributing to the longboard ireland community. There will be wild card spots. Further info to come

There is no entrance fee, no ISA requirement, no insurance, just a get together of like-minded friends meeting to catch a few slides.

As Skip Engblom once said “style is everything”

Loggers will be “scored” on style, power, grace, and creativity.

Think nose rides, cutbacks, dropknee turns, stalls, toobs

Above all this is a fun event, basically a group of friends getting together for a bit of old school logging fun .

There will be some element of heats. Depending on numbers. More details to follow.